Pre-Production in Full Force

Apologies to all of our faithful followers, as we’ve been pretty bad about posting updates to this site. But no more! You’ll see a few changes to the site already and will continue to see more updates as we go along.

We’ve got just over a month until our first weekend of filming. That’s right, we’ve got shoot dates picked out! We will be filming during the last two weekends in March, so we’re kicking pre-production into high gear. Take a look at some items from our pre-production checklist below.

  • Finish Script (I know this might seem obvious but we still had a lot of things to work out and it’s finally done.)
  • Hire the Production Designer (His name is John, he’s awesome and he’s designed sets for Survivor and other cool stuff.)
  • Meet with Doug to discuss character and script (Will be done as of February 19th.)
  • Storyboards (They’re in progress. See, here’s one!)
  • StoryboardWrite End Song (The very talented Jeff Eben is working on it. The drafts we’ve heard so far have been fantastic!)
  • Find a location (Just went to see some warehouses. Nothing confirmed, but we’re so close!)
  • Secure camera gear (Done)
  • Secure lighting gear (Working on it)
  • Hire the Director of Photography (Our good friend Orlando Herrera has joined our team and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! He’s a fantastic cinematographer.)
  • Hire other crew members (We’ve got several in place already and are looking forward to locking down the others.)

There’s still a lot more to do but we’re moving forward! Thanks for staying up to date.