The Apocalypse Rock filmmaking team carries a boombox through 12 miles of mud and obstacles

On Saturday, June 14th, Team Star Wipe Films headed to Doswell, Virginia to embrace the challenge that is Tough Mudder, “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.” If you’re not acquainted with this particular mud run, it’s not your typical race through the mud. Each course is 10-12 miles in length with over 25 obstacles.  All are challenging and require your teammates to help you make it through. In fact, Tough Mudder constantly reminds you that it is not a race, but a challenge event.

Along this long, tiring road, we decided up the ante and carry a boombox to blast our favorite psych-up tunes. Here are some pictures of our fearless Star Wipe Films/Apocalypse Rock team.


Producer, Jim Pennington, carries Executive Producer, Dave Garner, for the Warrior Carry obstacle.

Director, Brian Pennington, holds the boombox skyward to encourage others to press on, as Costume Designer, Bethany Hamilton, climbs over the hay bales.

race_381_photo_4126005Tough Mudder Warrior Carry

Producer/1st AD, Karen Gill-Pennington, monkeys her way up the Funky Monkey bars.

Grip, Ean Saltzman, carries the 1st Assistant Camera, Jonathan Rosenberry, for the Warrior Carry, as they blast some tunes via the boombox.

Bethany Tough Mudder Runrace_381_photo_4179229

Costume Designer, Bethany Hamilton, and Producer/1st AD, Karen Gill-Pennington, make their way on the trail.

1st AC, Jonathan Rosenberry, powers through the Hangin’ Tough rings.

Star Wipe Films flag Tough MudderFunkyMonkey

Star Wipe Films waves their flag at the starting line.

Apocalypse Rock/Star Wipe Films supporter, Victoria Mannina, hangs on tight to the Funky Monkey.